Criminalizing Cannabis

About the Video

No Utahn should be threatened with fines, jail, and losing their children merely for trying to be healthy.

Utah is one of the leading states for opioid overdose fatalities, and legislators struggle to find ways to address this epidemic—yet they refuse to legalize a plant that shows promise in reducing that overdose rate.

Many sick patients secretly consume cannabis for health reasons at great personal risk. Utah’s drug laws must be amended to allow peaceful people to use cannabis for legitimate medicinal purposes.

Featured Interviews

Dr. Talbott:

“It’s important to understand that while more research needs to be done to identify additional uses for this plant, the safety profile has been well established in research.”

Dr. Andrew Talbott
Pain Management Physician

Heather Nelson:

“Matthew’s needs really can’t wait. It’s not something that I can put off and just wait for someone to do tests and studies and eventually decide that that’s an okay thing for me. He needs it now.”

Heather Nelson
Mother and Caregiver

Marc and Joann Taylor:

“I think that we both feel that the government has kept us in the dark and many of the things that we’ve been taught are just plain wrong.”

Marc and Joann Taylor
Patient and Caregiver

Lora Romney:

“I know individuals that have the exact condition, the same presentation as me, that are being helped every day from cannabis. My problem is it’s illegal here in Utah. I can’t access it.”

Lora Romney

Christine Stenquist:

“We can’t wait for FDA approval—that can take years, if not decades. Patients need access now.”

Christine Stenquist
Patient Advocate

Why Legalize Medical Cannabis?

Opioid Alternatives are Needed

24 Utahns die each month due to opioid overdoses. Scientific research shows that states that legalize medical cannabis see a 25% reduction in overdose fatalities. In Utah, that means 6 lives saved monthly.

It's Safe

There has never been a death recorded from the use of cannabis. Cannabis is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. The greatest danger in using it is, ironically, its illegality.

Many Can Be Helped

Decades of studies, especially in other countries such as Israel, offer scientific evidence of cannabis helping with a wide range of medical conditions: cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, MS, and more.

Patients Can't Wait

Time is running out for thousands of suffering Utahns who simply do not have the time to wait for the federal government to stop criminalizing cannabis or for more research to be done. Access is needed now.

The Feds Aren't Changing

Numerous attempts to persuade the federal government to change its cannabis laws have failed. Meanwhile, a majority of states have taken the matter into their own hands—and Utah should as well.

Utahns are Ready

Several recent polls all confirm that 3/4 of Utah voters would support legalizing medical cannabis for limited conditions and under physician supervision. To benefit patients, it’s time to change the law.